Monday, 5 April 2010

A few days off just provided another excuse for him...

That's right, to analyse more adverts.

Comments recently have included:

While watching the Halifax advert,

"I hate these idiot ads! I don't care if they are real employees - they are shit. Employ a cocking actor! There are enough of them about!"

In reaction to the Ryvita 'They're not good, they're GOOD!' advert,

"IT IS THE SAME WORD! You can have 'They are not bad, they're good' or 'They're not good, they are great'. That is all! Stupid cardboard food."

And, my personal favourite, his thoughts on the Betty Crockett's Devil Chocolate Cake advert,

"I want that cake, it looks amazing."

The little boy on the screen looks up and says,

"I 'specially like to lick the spatula"

Steve mists slightly and then, with major enthusiasm,

"Me too!"

And the picture? Well that is just my Easter gift to you! Loves! x

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