Thursday, 15 April 2010

Running Commentary

Today I am mainly:

Loving the whole political debate ruling the country at the moment. Plus it gives me the chance to wear my 'Vote Barbie' t-shirt that I had made during the 2001 election.

Adoring Britney for releasing unairbrushed photos of herself along with the 'official' ones to exemplify the pressure on women to look good. Although it makes me sad that she doesn't actually look like that as it means that no-one does. And I still want to! Does that make me insane?

Laughing at the fact that butchers in Sainsburys have been told that are no longer allowed to use knives in case they cut themselves.

Loving the fact that Charlotte from my favourite wedding site Rock My Wedding commented on my blog! Seriously, I screached like a small child. Check out their totally amazing site:

Being outraged at the Daily Mail in general - propoganda much?
Fantasising about my tea as my cereal for breakfast and lunch diet has gotten dull very quickly.

Oh and pretending to work.

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