Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Going, going . . .

Exhibit A:

Steve and I have planned to watch Clash of the Titans for like, ever. The thing is that everyone and their dog seems to have already seen it, and it is driving me bonkers to hear them all talking about it. This has been worrying me more than I realised.

So I was in bed yesterday morning, half asleep, and through my snooze-induced haze I hear someone on the radio talking about Clash of the Titans and I think that we're already there, to the world where Steve and I are the only ones on the planet who haven't seen the movie and I'm dodging spoilers at every turn, and I genuinely freak out and go, "Wait, I haven't seen it yet! Stop talking, stop talking! Noooooooo . . . . "

Exhibit B:

I watched America's Next Top Model last night and the girls are striding the runway in their 5-inch heels, and when I get up from the sofa I stand on my toes, honestly thinking I'm in 5-inch heels too. I am genuinely surprised to look down and see flats.


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