Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Help wanted

What has happened to clothes? Really?

I am not a big shopper (except when it comes to shoes, two wedding pairs and counting), this is mainly to do with becoming completely frustrated at things not fitting right. Ever.

Anyway, recently I ignored my fears and embarked on a long overdue shopping expedition. And I was shocked at what I found.

Body suits? Leotards? Seriously?
When did the 80s come back in? Why would anyone ever want to wear a body suit? They aren’t flattering and it takes you a year to go to the loo as you have to unpop the bastards! WHY???

Disillusioned I came home, convinced that I would be able to revamp my wardrobe with a good sort and possible some ribbons. Unfortunately it turns out that this is not possible due to my wardrobe being sparse and me sucking at sewing.

So this is where I ask for help. Jeans are much needed. My favourite pair are starting to wear thin and my second favourite pair have a pocket ripped off due to jumping out of windows (we do not talk about the third favourite pair, they are in tiptop condition but are a size 6. And I will not throw them out…).

Anyone care to give me some advice? I need something quality (since I don't buy jeans all that often) and that isn't too stretchy. I'm not into skinny jeans, since I most likely can't actually GET into skinny jeans.

Oh, and on that note, if your thighs don't touch in the middle at all, your advice is not needed.

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