Friday, 23 April 2010

There is a reason they are friends

The story I am about to tell you, made me nearly pee my pants. I wish, for story telling purposes, that it was Steve who did this but no, it was his best friend Mike. It was Mike's birthday on Wednesday so sweetie, consider this new found fame a present. Old man.

A few weeks ago, Steve, myself, Mike and Helen went to Leeds to visit another friend, we stayed at the lovely Novotel in the city centre. We headed out in the evening, consumed many, many beverages and ended up buying a 2am full English breakfast for £1. Yep. It was one of those nights.

Retiring to our rooms we said our goodnights and agreed to meet the next day for lunch. Worse for wear, Steve and I stumbled to our room and promptly passed out (me still fully clothed, in full make up and a hairband).

It was the next day, when unenjoying lunch at McDonalds that we were told what happened when they returned to their room.

Mike, buoyant from the night's events, decided that £1.50 was a reasonable price to pay for a Mars bar from the minibar. He climbed into bed and munched away. After a minute he decided he was full and that he would save the rest for the morning, he wrapped it up and put it safely on the bedside table.

Ten minutes later he decided (in very typical Mike fashion I might add) that sleeping on the right side of the bed felt wrong and insisted to Helen that they switch, to shut him up she agreed and they settle down.

Fast forward a couple of hours and Helen's slumber is disturbed by something pushing her side, sitting up she blinks into the darkness, hearing the sound of rustling. Confused, she flicks the light switch on.

Mike is sat up in bed, finishing his Mars Bar, having leaned over Helen to reach it.

His exact words to her:

"I woke up and was hungry for Mars Bar."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the best man at our wedding.

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