Tuesday, 8 February 2011

18 Days

That is it. In 18 days I will be married.

It is such a very, very bizarre feeling. And something that I have deliberately tried not to blog too much about. Strange I know but, overthinker here, I don't want to be the woman who only talks about her wedding day, a perceived Bridezilla. Which is stupid as, with 18 days to go, of course that is all I am actually doing (apart from a full time job, my Mum's birthday, Valentine's Day, oh, and hosting an impromptu dinner party tonight... sometimes I don't half make things hard for myself....).

But I feel bad when I open my mouth and wedding blah comes out because I know, deep down, that it is not the big deal to anyone else but me. But, you know what?

Sod it.

I have decided that I am allowed to become a total wedding bore for the next 18 days - I mean, these are the LAST 18 DAYS I can really go on about it aren't they?

And, to spare my nearest and dearest the boredom, I have decided that this is the outlet to do it on.

So, starting today, get ready to be weddingfied Livy style, commencing with this picture:

Yes, this is the corner of my living room (see my fishies, Barry and Lady Jemima McLove?), these are all the boxes full of wedding crap stuff. And there is more coming. Oh yes....


claire said...

Do it! Wallow in the wedding-ness! It's totally justifiable and this is your blog - you can reserve the right to say what you damned well like on here!

Gaynor said...

Yay not long to go; I want to hear all about your wedding! Love the piles of wedding stuff; we still had loads lying around for weeks afterwards as well!