Thursday, 17 February 2011

Only me

On Sunday, my lovely sister was over and, bored at my Nana's and with a dictionary close by, we decided to play the Dictionary Game.

Now, for those of you less familiar with the Dictionary Game, it is super fun, especially when drunk. Unfortunately, on this occasion (it being 4pm on a Sunday and at my Nana's bungalow), we were not but we embraced it just the same.

Anyhow, you basically grab a dictionary, one person flicks through the pages, the other says stop when they feel like it, then that person picks the side of the page, the column and eventually what number word they want (say fourth from the top etc...). And then that word is the word that defines you.*

So my sister goes first and gets 'Superfluous', we all laugh, my Mum gets 'Commander', my Nana gets 'Fractured'.

Then it's my turn. I choose when to say stop very precisely. I pick my sides carefully - left and left again. When picking my number I nearly say 11 before something comes over me and I go with 4 instead.

I sit back, waiting for my defining word...


Yep, the word that defines me perfectly.


*Reading that back it sounds like a really tragic and super uncool game. But I stand by it. A bit. Don't judge me x


Lola said...

It is a super cool game! And I think our words suit us perfectly...

Anonymous said...

I just snorted my Weetabix all over my keyboard - hilarious!