Monday, 21 February 2011

Can I tell you something?

It is such a very strange feeling to be getting married in less than a week. This whole process I have been counting down, saying 'In one year's time', 'in six months time', 'in three months', 'in eight weeks', 'in three weeks' that to finally actually get here is beyond... well everything.

It is beyond exciting, beyond bizarre. It really feels weird. Like this day that has been in my mind for so long, that I have planned and slaved over, that every little detail I know about, is actually going to happen. It feels so abstract, like it was something that I daydreamed about, that would never really happen.

But it is.

This Saturday, Steve and I will stand in front of everyone we love and declare we love each other totally and completely, that we will care for each other, stay with each other and support each other. We will all eat and drink and be merry, we will dance and laugh and pose for photos, we will wear lovely clothes and celebrate.

I always wondered what the few days before a wedding were like for a bride and groom, I assumed a whirlwind of appointments and packing and business. And it is. But it is also full of a feeling of anticipation, of nervousness, of tingley arms and random spates of butterflies, of frustration as I try and get everything finished, of excitement and jumping up and down joy. And a little bit of sadness.

I have loved being engaged. It has been such a special time for us, bringing us closer together, not only Steve and I but our families and friends, both to us individually and to each other. I have been so conscious that I will never have this time again; we have been surrounded by excitement, with love and just brilliance and it is ending.

So, in a pre-wedding toast, please grab that glass of wine (or juice box or cuppa...) and here is to the marriage we will have and hoping it will kick my lovely engagement's bum!


Peridot said...

And you're trailblazing for us affianced ones! Let us know what it's like on the other side...


Lottie said...

I know I have been there and had all those feelings. And I can assure you being married is an amazing feeling and it will be one of the best days of your life!

I am so excited for you!


Mrs F (nee NYE Bride) said...

Words can not describe the range of emotions you will feel over the next week. I was so nervous the day before, shaking my way through the rehearsal, convinced I would not get a wink of sleep. I woke up on the morning of my wedding having had the most amazing sleep of my life! I was so calm and at peace with myself that my bridesmaids didn't know what to do with themselves. The walk up the aisle is humbling as you look at the faces of the wonderful people that make up your life, the pure admiration in the face of your soon to be husband as he sees you for the first time is the most wonderful feeling. The day is incredible, but you kind of know it will be. It’s the feelings afterwards that shocked us...being married changes nothing but it also changes everything. The knowing, the commitment and the closeness is nothing we were prepared for.

Enjoy this week, but next week and forever will be magical! And your wedding day really is the best day of your life! x

claire said...

This is so exciting. Enjoy every minute of this week!

Peridot said...

More on plaits!