Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Touching wood

So we're on three days to go and things are getting crazy. Like insane.

As a nice break from the insanity, last night I went home to see my family and popped up to my Nana's. Now, I love my Nana, she is brilliant, one of the smartest and sharpest people I know as well as one of my favourites. Once we got there she insisted that we had a sherry.

I hate sherry.

How a drink manages to be so sickly sweet and yet so strong tasting, anyway, I manned up and accepted my drink (Steve didn't. Because he is a wussy pants.).

I politely sipped it and only winced slightly.

After a minute or two, my Nana proposed a toast,

'To the end of Olivia Kerridge!' she announced, raising her glass.

Ummm.... lovely sentiment Nana but lets remember that I am not in fact dying. Just getting married and changing my surname....


Peridot said...

How funny! Had she perhaps started on the sherry before you got there?

Hoping you survive the wedding though!


Gaynor said...

He he she sounds fabulous; so exciting just 2 days to go now!