Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Not wedding related but I couldn't resist...

So last night, we were flicking TV channels while discussing wedding stuff and randomly leave on something called 'All New Fat Fighter Families'.

Now the show is absolutely appalling, hosted by a very bizarre self styled 'Former Fattie' (his words not mine...) who says 'Ooooerr' and 'Get off your fattie bum bum blubberly!', it is all about family sets who are obese. Now, these are the programmes that Steve hates, raging from the especially when it comes to the sob story bit.

For example in this case, Fattie Bum Bum Man talked to the sibling set about the death of their father,

"Now Sarah, Tom, you both mentioned the death of your Dad, what would he say to you if he was here today?"

Before Sarah or Tom can answer, Steve interjects,

"Ummmmm... stop eating cake? I mean seriously, why would their Dad dying make them eat more?"

Now, I am a sensitive woman and decided to take the moral high ground;

"Steve, have you never eaten anything for comfort? Never?"

He pauses.

"No, that's what I use drink for."

ps. there were more, less politically correct things he said, specifically when the pair were trying to exercise but I thought I would spare you x

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