Sunday, 24 January 2010

He really is shit

Postman Pat that is.

I watch him every morning at around 7am, sure he seems nice enough but surely he should have been struck off by now. He is completely inept. He can't just get on with his job without an attention-seeking display of ineptitude and as for the unsecured animal riding in his van - well the health and safety issues are just beyond belief. The number of personal errands he seems to do while working is beyond ridiculous... once I saw him close the Post Office so he and Mrs Goggins could spring clean... I mean really!!!

Plus I'll point out that he is also doing work on the side, the Specsavers ads of all things! He sold out big time; I mean seriously, he couldn't see well enough to know that you don’t deliver vegetables through letter boxes??? Totally should be sacked.

And now we're at it, whatever happened to Miss Hubbard and Granny Dryden? They were so in it when I was little; I suspect they may be under Ted Glen's patio.....

It's a travesty.

ps. He is more reliable than my postman though


paddy said...

sounds like every postman i have seen

Yvonne - Mad hatter Bride said...

hahaha - I nearly choked on my tea! Yeah, Pat's still prefereable to most of the London postal service!