Friday, 8 January 2010

Petition to Ben and Jerry's, Haagan Daaz, Wall's, Carte D'Or et al

Please stop putting chocolate in ice cream. No, not chocolate flavoring. Chocolate ice cream is delicious. But chunks and chips of chocolate, mixed into ice cream? No. Cease and desist.

Chocolate should be smooth and rich and luscious and melt in your mouth. Frozen bits of cheap semi-sweet wax do NOT melt in your mouth. They require crunching and munching, and they splinter and squeak between teeth. It's not good.

When I bought a tub of Ben and Jerry's Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough the other day, got it home and served it up and discovered it was loaded not with cookie dough BUT WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS, my rage was fearsome to behold. Everyone present (Steve) quivered before it.

You don't want to behold my fearsome rage, ice cream manufacturers.

So please. Leave out the chocolate.

Livy, out.

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