Thursday, 21 January 2010

I was on her side....

Last night, my friend and her boyfriend had an out and out row about what order the cutlery goes in the drawer. She has a specific order. He just chucks them in willy nilly.

Now I remember these arguments (there was a brilliant one about tinned tomatoes that resulted in me storming out of our flat and refusing to come back for an hour, even though it was December and I had no coat). Occasionally Steve and I still have them but after three and a half years of living together thankfully (??) they are few and far between, not that we totally agree on the way things are done, we've just learnt to pick our battles. These arguments are a normal part of moving in together; hell two of my friends still have an ongoing row about the use and definition of dishcloths.

I was reassuring my friend of this fact and sympathising with her entirely until she said one fateful thing:

"I mean, how hard is it to remember it is 'spoon, fork, knife, spoon, fork, knife'?"

My jaw dropped, I was literally stunned to silence. Spoon, fork, knife????

No, it is fork, knife, spoon, everyone knows this! It is the order you put them out on the table for crying out loud!

No-one puts the spoon first, even the knife, fork, spooners know that!


Slice of Pie said...

I'm howling with laughter!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I know I am about 6 months late but it is, with out question: Knife, fork, Spoon.