Tuesday, 1 June 2010


That's right people, yesterday I turned 26 years old. I have officially crossed the line into 'late twenties'. Oh how I hate that line. That line is evil. I long for the hot, sexy days of 22. Still, I am meant to embrace the whole thing so for the past week I have decided to devote my energies on making my birthday super special.

Unfortunately Steve wouldn't allow me to wear a banner and hat to our v posh meal on Saturday so I had to ensure that my birthday was broadcast to the general public in other ways.

As I have previously mentioned, I hate it when people do normal things on my birthday. You know, when people go shopping or mow their lawn, basically do anything other than sit around thinking of me. Why?


In order to spread the message, I quickly came up with a scheme that would guarantee to get it people's subconscious.

Yes, anywhere I saw the date '31st May' (incidentally, an excellent birth date, it sounds and looks so lovely), I changed it to 'Livy's Birthday'.

I did this all over the place, work documents, food expiration dates, posters in the pub. Steve stopped me amending a random car's tax disc.

Did it work?

Well... I'm not sure but it made me feel better.

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Lora said...

Ahem.... 26 is MID TWENTIES, not late twenties... that is my story and I am sticking to it, as 26 looms even closer every stinking day!