Friday, 25 June 2010

At least my name is not Mugly

Last night I staffed a work event, it was very, very busy with guests from many partner and external companies arriving and mingling.

While there a colleague who I'm not too familiar with came over to introduce a guest to me and my boss.

"Dr Johnson, this is our Marketing Director, J, and our PR Manager......"

She looked at me slightly quizzically.

I jumped in.

With a broad smile, I extended my hand for a handshake,

"I'm Livy"

The guest shook my hand warmly,

"You're living. Well I should hope so."

And she moved on, no doubt puzzled over the insane woman who, when asked her name, just replied with the fact she was alive.


Slice of Pie said...

When people ask my name on the phone I tend to say "I'm Laura" countless people have responded "oh thanks Ann-Laura, goodbye"!

Becca said...

Oh wow... That's amazing. I have this vision of the office simpleton saying "I'm living!" in a Ralph Wiggam kind of way...

ladyfriend said...

Ah Livy, my sympathies :-) Think youself lucky you're not called Fleur and frequently mistakenly (HOW??) get called...wait for it...yes there are people out there who think SLUR is a name. Argghhh.