Thursday, 24 June 2010

The skank post is coming but I couldn't help myself....

Did you watch it?

You did? Wasn't it wonderfully stressful? Seriously, I was so stressed that I ate three full bags of Doritos and not the individual sized packs no, the massive family packs. Pre-wedding diet be damned.

Now, I may be reaching out of my target readership but I really love the football, for me it is just another way to celebrate, spend time with family and friends and shout at the TV which incidentally is one of my favourite habits. For the scrooges that think it is a waste of time, well perhaps it is but it is honestly just an excuse for a party for me.

The only thing missing from yesterday's game?

The gratuitous shots of David Beckham on the bench in his England suit. SCRUMMY! I am a bit concerned actually because David is my go-to guy of hotness and, now he is no longer playing I am having to settle for David James (those hands....) but he is 39, realistically how long is he going to be playing football (and still looking hot)? So who to next?

Glen Johnson?
Too dopey

Frank Lampard?
Too scowly

Peter Crouch?
Don't be silly

Oh and a quick tip for Sunday?

If you paint England flags on your cheeks with £1 face paint from Tesco, you will have residual red crosses left even after you have scrub scrub scrubbed your face.

Which makes it hard to be taken seriously in a finance meeting.


Becca said...

This is why you need to stick with the wonderful world of rugby... amazing thighs; less likely to have taken part in a roasting session; no embarrassing diving. Even the ugly ones are attractive due to the display of raw masculinity. *swoon*

Google Imaging Dieux du Stade is getting me through the World Cup. :D

Yvonne - Mad Hatter Bride said...

Everyone scarpered off to the pub yesterday so my assistant and I watched it (or tried to) on i-player... it was so tense... and that's something coming from a Scots lass!

I work in a company that is full of ex-pro-rugby players (one played for England and one v famous from All Blacks) that muscle only goes one way and it's south baby - try coupling it with noses and jaws which point in all directions, the raw masculinity turns into male-pigheadedness and egotism.

I'll take my soft nerdy bloke any day - at least he takes the bin out when I tell him ;o)

Peridot said...

AND if you hooked up football players to the national grid, they'd definitely produce (static) electricity from all that hugging in man-made fibres.

I'm Team Rugby myself. There's less polyester, fake tan and hair gel (I'm not even including the WAGS in this)