Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I am English, hear me roar! (except when the rugby's on - then I'm Welsh)

So right now I am LOVING the World Cup. I am always into national football and, now don't judge, have been known to tear up when listening to official songs and commentaries on the world uniting - my current emotional song? Wavin' Flag - the official World Cup song, it is all the freedom and coming together that does it, plus the fact that I am generally playing it on my newly St George crystal encrusted ipod.

It rocks.

On Saturday I held a World Cup party for my family and friends, the theme was 'England are going to win' - clearly I was slightly off with that but nevertheless a good time was had by all.

My flat literally looked like England had thrown up in there, everything was St George, everything was white and red. We had England glasses, England plates, England napkins, England balloons, England bunting, England flags, England hats, England banners, England trumpets (which were quickly hidden), England tattoos, England face paints, England shirts, England flip flops, England hand held fans, even England toilet paper (which in hindsight may have been slightly disrespectful so I ruled that everyone could only use it for wees - surely that can't be too bad?).

Anything that wasn't England themed was football themed - football table cloth, football cake etc.. I even bought red and white roses.

I am now trying to work out how much of this stuff I can transport to Steve's Dad's football club on Friday night where we are watching the next match - all of it?

Would that be excessive?

Yes? No?

Maybe I'll leave the roses....

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