Thursday, 3 June 2010

Honey where should we moon?

Yep, that is the hot topic in the Kerridge/Parham household. Where to celebrate the first few weeks of wedded bliss.

Having done a few gorgeous Caribbean getaways in the last few years, we are aiming for something a little bit different, a bit once in a lifetime.

But what?

As we are getting married in February Mr Parham's first thought was skiing.

Brilliant except that he doesn't ski. He tried once and broke his leg skiing into a brick wall.

I, however, do which is why he suggested it, bless his heart, but while I love skiing and snow and all things mountainy, dropping my new husband off at his ski school every morning while I head off to the grown up slopes does not really appeal. I'm not his mother after all.

So we moved on to bigger ideas, safari perhaps? A definite possibility.

The USA? Loving the tour idea, toying with the New York-Hawaii-Vegas option....

And then I discovered Trailfinders and ordered all seven of their brochures, my poor little postie. I dutifully read them all, punctuating every minute with exclamations such as 'The Galapagos! That would rock!', 'Sydney!!!' 'Belize - that would be phenominal'.

Occasionally these squeals would muster a, 'Sounds interesting' from Steve.

I then found that I could email them direct and get an actual quote (I know, I know, where have I been?).

So I did.

The lady on the phone was very very lovely and spoke with a beautiful, posh accent. She asked what sort of thing we were interested in and, naive little me, uttered phrases such as 'once in a lifetime', 'breathtaking', 'spectacular' and 'paradise'.

She listened intently and then told me about a 23 day trip which included a cruise around South Africa's coast, an elephant safari, a few nights in a luxurious Cape Town hotel and a week on a 5* beach resort in Mauritius.

"Yep!" I squealed! "It sounds amazing! Please send me through a quote and full details. I can't wait to show Steve!"

So I waited, then suddenly it arrived. Popped in my inbox like a much anticipated Christmas present.

Holding my breath, I opened it and clicked on the attached documents. It all looked so good, the flights, the hotel descriptions and then I saw it.

Right at the bottom.


per person

So we're back to the drawing board.


julia and ian said...

Hahahaha! We got a few shocks like this when we booked our honeymoon. It's mad how much it all costs... we settled for a 5 star safari then posh beach holiday... cost a lot but nowhere near that much xxx

ladyfriend said...

ha! Been there too...We've since got wise and haven't mentioned it's our honeymoon. We've had some far more reasonable quotes coming in although not quite bargainous, they're not tipping the stupid scales either. Loving your blog! Have come over from RMW..fab x

Gaynor said...

Yikes, so expensive eh but did sound fabulous!

We went on a superior tour of Sri Lanka for 1 week then to an 5* island in the Maldives for 1 week {well it was then extended another 5 nights due to being stuck there because of the ash cloud} but it didnt cost anywhere near £20K {was about a quarter of that tho so still not exactly cheap!}

Was worth every penny though!

claire said...

oo oo oo ski-ing is the best.

we're going to canada - week in whistler, week in banff.

only problem is, we've been to banff before and L.O.V.E.D it but never to whistler so where to go first?