Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A two-question survey, of sorts

1. Will you watch 'The Shawshank Redemption' if given the option?

2. Do you leave your toilet lid up?

I'll go first.

1. Nope. Steve and I had a large-scale debate about this a while back, which culminated in our watching the film again one evening.

I argue: watching the movie is torture. Pure misery. Not worth the grating at my tender heart.

Steve argues: all the misery is undone by the joyous ending. Like, you know, a redemption. He likens it to finishing your last beer and then discovering one at the back of the fridge.

I liken it to skinning yourself with a potato peeler and jumping into a pot of salt water just so that you can feel the relief of getting out.

(A further topic of discussion: we watched it on tv where they had decided to edit it slightly. In one scene, the cutting of the word 'damn' was evident. I was amazed that a movie could show someone being beaten to death, include plenty of references to brutal gang rape, and yet be made more 'family-friendly' by the omission of mild swears.)

I concede that amongst most of you, I am sure I am vastly outnumbered. Most people consider 'Shawshank' one of the greatest movies ever made. I won't argue with the quality of the acting, the filmography, and the score ... all I'm saying is, watching it is not worth it to me. It's just way too freaking sad.

2. Down. Down down down. For some reason the summer has undone Steve's training in closing the toilet. (I don't suppose you need to wonder who gave him said training.) Note that we're not talking about the seat - although he doesn't put that down either. But he also leaves the lid up. Whuh? Why would you want to look at the inside of a toilet unless you're cleaning it? Help me understand.

Your thoughts?


Slice of Pie said...

Greatest film ever I'm afraid! Oh and up, only because when you put it down and lift it back up again the seat tends to go with it, leading to a holding down of the seat whilst holding up the lid, not being a fan of doing this we leave it up, a new toilet would however mean seat & lid always being down! There I am done!

Anonymous said...

one of the biggest debates of all time? seat up or down? this will be the making of your marriage agreeing to disagree

stripeycat said...

Oh my *god* I couldn't agree more about's like putting yourself through a cheese grater then whipping yourself with a soggy noodle....I'm not saying it's not a good film...I'm just saying I don't want to watch it. Ever. There i've said it.

GREAT blog by the way! :) Anne xxx

claire said...

And here was me thinking I was wierd for always putting the toilet lid down...

mr h will never get it but at least I know I'm not alone!