Sunday, 20 June 2010

You are wrong

To those citizens of the world who insist upon likening the Twilight series to the Harry Potter series, I ask you to cease and desist.

Each such comparison causes my soul to shrivel and die, for it is akin to likening Dairylea to Brie, Salad Cream to Mayonnaise, Primark to Vivienne Westwood, Johnny Vegas to Johnny Depp. One is a masterpiece, in a league of its own, and the other is, well, a workable but incomparable cheap imitation in an entirely different league (I'll let you work out which is which from that list for yourselves).

I don't care if you don't like Harry. Totally fine with me. Just DON'T tell me that Stephenie Meyer's projects are any more similar to J.K.Rowling's than the simple fact that they both wrote fantasy series which caused worldwide frenzies**, because they aren't.

That's it.

End of similarities.

Thank you and good day.

**Steve asks me to make an amendment - he says the Twilight frenzy is also incomparable to the Harry Potter frenzy. He wouldn't call Twilight's 'worldwide'. So there.

ps I will admit that the boys of Twilight are much fitter x


Mahj said...

Livy - THANK YOU! But seriously try telling this to a twi-hard. Harry Potter is the greatest saga on the planet. Twilight is a short-lived love affair (one that even I have had, that went downhill at New Moon) that festers and makes you crosser with time. Harry Potter books (and films) are classics that will stand the test of time.
By the way, have you seen that Harry Potter Wizarding World that has just opened in Florida? They have a proper Olivander's and butterbean and now I think I need to sit down and plot how I convince my fella to go on honeymoon there next year! x

Mahj said...

Oops, I meant to say butterbeer!

Livy said...

Sod the honeymoon - I'll come with you! x

Gaynor said...

I totally agree that Harry p is far superior although I do like Twilight too and the boys are much hotter!

p.s I'm going to harry's wizarding world in Florida in December; I'm more excited about that than the rest of the trip! Might have to join the kids buying wands!