Friday, 18 June 2010

The Livysphere

The other night while relaxing on my sofa, I glanced around my home. As previously discussed, while Casa di Livy is always clean, it also always tends to be cluttered. Perpetually full of stuff.

While conducting this survey, I made a quick list of the things that clutter la casa and prove either unusable or utterly pointless.

DRY CLEAN ONLY CLOTHES: That I wore the once and then discovered that they were dry clean only and have never worn since as I can't clean them.

BAGS FOR LIFE: Under the sink there are approximately 12000 bags for life. I get one every time I go shopping as I always forget mine. Bag wise, there isn't a life I am not going to be fully prepared for.

SIZE 8 JEANS: That I no longer fit into but refuse to throw out. On Mondays, while Steve is at football, I gaze at them longingly while eating cheesey garlic bread.

ALCOHOL: There are currently 14 bottles of wine and three cases as beer in the kitchen, as well as the optics that are a permanent feature on the wall. There is also an entirely disgusting bottle of Metz 40 which tastes like paint stripper.

WIRES: There are wires all over the flat. Everywhere. Some are in use, most are just there. What are they for? Which appliance do they fit?

LAKELAND CATALOGUES: Always a pleasure to browse though while fantasising about buying a jam funnel and a special avocado slicer. I never will but that is by the by.

LOYALTY CARDS FOR EVERY SHOP IN THE WORLD: Each of which I forget when I go shopping.

And much, much more - seriously, the things I actually use are in the minority.

What crap fills your house?


ladyfriend said...

lol!! Brilliant. Am totally with you on the Lakeland catalogue. I would also add to my list of curious clutter: random umbrellas (some broken, some not); a fluorescent plastic softball bat, bag of brochures and free samples I brought back from the National Wedding Show in Jan (untouched), a towering pile of wedding magazines all telling me what I should/shouldn't be doing at least 2yrs in advance of my wedding day which is actually in less than 4mths (eek). Loving your blog Livy. Fleur x

Livy said...

Loving the pile of wedding magazines! I had a mass cull of them recently.

The other thing I totally just remembered is a massive pile of travel brochures that we are still (not really) looking at. What do other people do with them? Is there some kind of special travel brochure filing system that I don't know about? I never see piles of them in anyone else's home.

Like ever. x

Gaynor said...

Yeah not sure about the magazine / brochure thing; not sure what others do with them!

Our flat is still cluttered with lots of wedding stuff!

At the moment its all the stuff for the thank you cards spread all over the table!

Yvonne - Mad Hatter Bride said...

Yeah mostly wedding magazines and err clothes... yeah lots of clothing items taking up space for that one week in which I will be invited to numerous garden parties, weddings, mountain hikes, art exhibition openings, heavy metal gigs and paint / DIY new homes simultaneously and therefore cannot throw away any of the 10 outfits for each occasion... just incase...

ShoppingAddict said...

Wicked blog
As for wedding magazines.... Guilty as charged, i think i have around 50 at last count.
I get wed in 8 weeks so my little addiction just has to stop! Sadtimes! :(

claire said...

if there is a filing system, I don't know about it, and neither does mr h vis a vis motorbike magazines!!

we also have more coasters than we could ever possibly put cups on - where from??!! I don't buy them, they just appear.

Katie said...

Hmm...what crap fills my home?

1. Iron Mountain (aka the ironing I never seem to get around to) - the landmark to be found in my living room.

2. Post - usually those letters that are just addressed to 'The Owner'. That's when you know it's a boring one.

3. Shoes - just....everywhere!

4. Things that are supposed to be sorted into the 7, yes 7, different recycling bags we have but end up laying about my kitchen instead.

and 5. I'm with you on the wires!