Monday, 30 March 2009

Important thoughts

First things first: I did not blog AT ALL over the weekend. Sorry about that. I could give you a whole list of excuses (pretty good ones at that - like head injuries, personal revelations, huge life crises/changes, intense grieving and serious priority shifting) but that would bore even me. And when I get bored talking about myself, well . . . that's a bad sign.

So, instead, allow me to give you a brief bulleted list, in no particular order, of self-discoveries and personal theories I've lately made.

*Sometimes there's nothing to say. Turns out there ARE things too special for the blog.
*Large chicken legs take longer to bake than breasts do.
*Men won't eat everything - they draw the line at bleeding drumsticks.
*When I hear a love song, I feel an intense longing to be skinny, a sure sign that the Hollywood brainwashers have done their work well on me. In my deepest subconsciousness, I believe romance is only for the thin and beautiful.
*I actually wanted to sit outside in the sun the other day. See I'm maturing.
*After making approximately seven hundred rice crispy buns in one month, I can testify that they don't get old.
*The best exchange from "Juno": "You're the coolest person I know, and you don't even try." "I try really hard, actually."
*Risotto is yah-UMMY.
*I really love food shopping on Friday nights. No one else is there and I can wander down the empty aisles at my leisure, taking in the sights and smells with glee. Plus it is the start of the weekend which always makes me giddy.
*Happiness, to say it for the one thousandth time, truly is a choice.

There you have it, my life in a nutshell.

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