Friday, 6 March 2009

A new seating theory

We went to see Rob Brydon last night who was hilarious, absolutely I-may-pee-my-pants funny. Luckily we were sitting in row N so were therefore too far back to be talked to (I always secretly want to be talked to though, I would love to be the one who the comedian chats to but in reality I can never allow that to happen as I would do the fatal thing of trying to be funny myself and therefore being an absolute fool and being the sad heckler in the audience that everyone hates)... anyway, yes, we were in row N, now the problem with this particular venue (besides the bar being too small, 25 minutes for a spritzer I ask you!) is that the seats aren't tiered so you are on the exact same level as the people in front of you, so two rows ahead of me there was what I can only describe as a female giant with a massive head, honestly she was like that hamburger head man who used to advertise Mcdonald's (incidently directly in front of me was a little old lady who DID NOT appreciate the humour - she said 'smut' on more that one occasion, once directly looking at me as I laughed hysterically at a joke about a programme called Strictly Come Shagging).

Now this got me thinking, wouldn't it be sensible if when you booked tickets they asked you your height? Then they had tall columns and short ones so as you look at the stage it would go tall, short, tall, short etc...

Granted this would mean that if you and your friend were both tall or both short then you couldn't sit together but you know, sucks to be you, you really shouldn't be talking through the show anyway.

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