Friday, 27 March 2009

Today I had a day off

It was fun, we decided to tidy the entire flat. This was soon abandoned for the preference of going out to lunch. Now S is making me tea and I am watching my classic neighbours dvd. Yes dear readers, I know what you are thinking, I am indeed super cool.

Anyway, this was a much better way to spend a day off than previous ones I have had. Like what I hear you say.

Funny you should ask...

A few months ago I had a hospital appointment so took the day off work, here is the day, itinerary style:

10.00: Plan to depart from the house, this takes half an hour as I decide I can't possibly walk all the way all that way without having Babycakes on my ipod.

11.00: Arrive at the hospital. Find out that they are running behind and have implemented a ticket system. Take a number (348). Notice wall ticker tracking the numbers (it's currently on 327).

11.15: Decide to sit on a bench outside, where I can enjoy a view of the garage across the road and all the ill people wandering around, all while being serenaded by thumping bass and enjoying the fragrance of freshly lit cigarettes.

11.45: Meet Dan. He sits next to me on the bench and chats me up while we wait. I try to count both his tattoos and the number of times he says fuck, but in both cases I quickly lose count.

12.30: Dan shows me pictures of his son and his dog.

13.00: Dan lights his third cigarette.

13.35: Dan says he's 'too sodding old' for this stuff. I ask him how old he is. He replies "Twenty-six".

13.45: Dan hints that he's looking for a nice girl to move to Liverpool with him.

13.55: Dan tells me has an 'old lady' - a live-in girlfriend who's carrying his child. I suggest to Dan that she might be a good candidate for the Liverpool thing.

14.20: Dan asks me if I ever go to bars. I say occasionally, but I becoming a more of a homebody type. He approves of this; he is, after all, twenty-six. Time to settle down. He says he tends to be that way too these days, he hasn't even been in a fight for like six months.

14.35: Dan tells me he's one of those lucky people who can 'pull off any look'. He says he sometimes rolls up his trousers, tucks in his shirts, and slicks his hair back. He likes the 50s.

14.45: "@!!$%&!@!!" Dan got so carried away describing his wardrobe that he missed his number (340). They're now on 342.

15.10: My number is up! I go in and see a nice (if slightly surley) Doctor. Only took five hours to do.

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