Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The post you've been waiting for....

Yes, that's right, I have FINALLY got around to posting about the topic you've been waiting to hear about: baby shampoo!

I love it.

And it is not just for babies. Oh no. What happened is this: I ran out of facewash and didn't buy a new one. So I looked around my shower and tried to find something to use instead (see, I live on the edge) and I decided to try baby shampoo.

Now let me first explain why I even own baby shampoo - it is a long and complex story about being in Boots for shower gel and them not having my favourite kind and me remembering how yummy baby shampoo smells from when my brothers were little and deciding it was a toss up between that or Matey bubble bath. Now they only had the silly boy sailor in the Matey, not the cool pink mermaid, and besides I'm not a swilling-in-your-own-dirt-in-the-bath kind of girl. So baby shampoo it was.

It is fab! I kid you not my friends, my face has never felt so soft and smooth! So what you need to do is this:

1. Go buy some baby shampoo. Johnsons in best, generic is OK.
2. Wash your face with it.
3. Delight in the softness and smoothness of your face.
4. Thank me later.

So there you have it.

What, were you expecting me to post about something sensible?

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