Friday, 13 March 2009

That was hot dawg (see what I did there?!)

I am slightly addicted to American Idol. It's like X Factor but on drugs and without Louis Walsh. Which always makes a show better in my eyes.

Now, I love love love Adam Lambert (above, yum). If anyone can sing 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction' and make me not want to vomit, I'm probably going to be a fan. Not only, did he not induce the gag reflex but I actually ENJOYED this once loathed song. It is utter iPod material. Along the same lines... I have never enjoyed Michael Jackson's 'Black or White'. But when my boy sings it.. oh yes. I have a serious crush on him. Not in a 'he's so cute I'm gonna paint my fingernails just like him' way (although would that be so wrong...), but in a 'I would immediately download anything he sings on my iPod and rotate his songs ad nauseum' way. I also like him as he is the only person in the competition that is not married at the age of 27. Seriously, they are all about 22 and married with about 12 babies.

Don't misunderstand... I have other loves in the competition: the guy who looks like Robert Downey Jr (although he will seriously go out of favour if he cries about his dead wife again. Harsh? I like to think so), Michael (simply because his real job is a 'roughneck'), quirky Megan and the rockerish 16 year old with the 'not a red in the world could look more unnatural' hair.

But Adam's my guy. End of. I've been loving Adam since early auditions but I've tried to keep it to myself. It's early. Things change. The judges get fickle. The voters get fickle. And it is all so tragic as I can't vote... well I could but it probably costs a lot to call a premium phone line in the US.

So please... watch American Idol and you will love him and if you don't.... just don't tell me. I generally shy away from contention, but over this... I may have to kick your arse.

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