Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The ever exciting activity of shopping

Well after a busy yet disappointing weekend rugby wise, I am v v v v tired. Don't ask me why, I mean I don't do anything extrenuous like, ever. We did go to Leeds last night with friends to enjoy a very yummy and free meal at Restaurant Bar and Grill. It is my most favouritist restaurant ever and was delicious.

I was really nervous though before we got there, not because of the restaurant or anything but that I wouldn't be able to eat as much as I wanted to, like my stomach just wouldn't have room or something. According to a friend this is weird but I bet a lot of people get nervous about that.

Which brings me on to food - tonight is the all exciting food delivery from the supermarket. I love it because it seems magical and miraculous that the food just appears without me having to pick it out or pay or anything. Plus dinner is always the best as there is so much choice, true I have to keep up the pretence that I have a child to the weird delivery man (I didn't want to carry the bags upstairs about a year ago so told him I was pregnant so he would do it and he has never forgotten, I have told him it is a daughter called Nancy - not that I would ever call a daughter Nancy but you know, she's imaginary so she'll have way more issues with that than her name) but generally it is happy days.

Then of course, we get to put everything away (well S does, I like to stand there with the receipt marking things off like a teacher) and check the best before dates. Sometimes while doing this I am relieved that I have over a year left on some items. But then I rethink that and wonder, what did they put in this to make it last for that long when really it shouldn't? So I don't know if it's better or worse that it's not going to be rotten anytime soon. For my health, it's got to be worse. For ease in food shopping and keeping my kitchen from smelling bad, better.

Tis a puzzle.

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