Thursday, 26 March 2009

Soar and plummet

Yesterday, I arrived home from work (in a blaze of glory, as per the usual) and went to check in with S (for kisses, as per the usual). I was wearing a brown top. S looked at me with a critical eye, then smiled.

"You look gorgeous," he said. "Brown is a good colour on you, you look all sparkley and pretty."

Haven't I trained him well? Seriously people, listen to me, give your favourite person a sincere and specific compliment and watch the romance unfold.

Fast forward about an hour. We're watching TV and he is playing with my hair. He sweeps my hair off my face, looks at me with the same critical eye. I wait for more romance.

"God, you've got a big forehead. You should probably always have a side fringe."

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